Baby Headband

Lucky me, I just welcomed a sweet new neice into the world! This is what I sent her:

I found this stretch lace stuff at Hobby Lobby in the ribbon aisle and sewed it together, adding a loop of grossgrain ribbon over the seam. The ribbon loop is where you hook the interchangeable bows and flowers:

oooh… pretty sheer ribbon loops with a rhinestone in the center!

A pink fabric flower. I made it by cutting a bunch of 2 inch squares, shaping the edges and gluing the centers down to a piece of felt. If that makes any sense…

Lots of fun choices to accessorize lots of different outfits.
Welcome to the fam, sweet baby!


  1. The headbands are very cute! I'm pregnant now, and if it's a girl, I may have to steal this idea. I actually happened across your blog looking at quiet books. I love yours! They look so nice. The idea for a magnetic quiet book is genius. I was wondering if you might answer some questions about the fabric quiet book. My email is I was wondering if you used interfacing for all the pieces before you attached to the page.

  2. These headband are fantastic I think the pink felt flower with button is very cute. I have been making some headbands and I was looking for more inspiration which you have given me. I was thinking of trying felt flower and yours look great. I am based in the UK so if you fancy having a look at mine as well, they give you more ideas. I made these felt butterfly headbands at

  3. wow, these are beautiful. All your stuff is really great. Always wanted to make such stuff for myself but never had the inspiration. After looking at all your work,,,im ready to give it a try.

  4. Jelli Bean,

    All of the bows have hair clips on the back. To attach them to the headband, you just slip the clip through the ribbon loop. I love that the bows can be used with the headband at first (before baby has hair) and then as regular hair bows later.


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