Easy Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume

Make an easy, no-sew Carmen Miranda Halloween costume using items from the thrift store.

Some years I spend a month sewing Halloween costumes (like the year the whole family went as Disney Villains) and sometimes I need something I can throw together in an hour. But either way, I want my kids to have a magical time dressing up on Halloween, so I try to make the costumes fun, even if they’re easy.

Last year, my daughter dressed up as Edna Mode. It was another easy no-sew costume idea that anyone can make.

This year we dressed my daughter up as the Chiquita banana lady (AKA Carmen Miranda) and oh my goodness. She looked too cute!

I found these items at the thrift store:

A lime green tiered skirt, a peasant style blouse with pom pom trim and a bunch of fake plastic fruit. I already had a piece of yellow knit fabric to use as a head scarf and waist tie.

The hardest part of the costume was figuring out how to tie the head scarf. I had to look it up on Youtube. I ended up using this tutorial. Then I just glued the fruit to the scarf and that was it! Easiest costume ever!

Can you tell that she felt pretty spunky in her costume? This girl of mine… what a doll!



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