Colorful Vintage Christmas Tree

This gorgeous flocked Christmas tree is decorated with colorful, vintage-inspired ornaments.

colorful christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite thing about Christmas. I LOVE IT! The whole family gathers together, turns on Christmas music and unpacks all of the ornaments. When Wayfair challenged me to write about my favorite holiday gathering, I knew this was it!

I got a new Christmas tree this year and it is so pretty. It’s the Lark Manor Pre-Lit 85” White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with 750 Clear & White Lights and it is a showstopper! Here it is straight out of the box:

best flocked Christmas trees

Tree Decorating Tip: I always put a towel under my trees to protect my wood floors from scratches and to make it easier to adjust the tree’s position. The towel makes the whole tree slide easily so I can pull it away from the wall while decorating then easily push it back when I’m done. Once the tree is totally decorated and moved into place, I cover the towel with a tree skirt.

One concern I had about getting a flocked tree was how much of a mess it would make. After setting up the tree, this is what was on the floor:

It’s a little messy, but honestly it was nothing to worry about. I vacuumed it up in no time.

I am really impressed with the quality of this tree and with the number of lights. This thing lights up! The bulbs are a nice warm white too, which I prefer over cool colored lights. It gives that glowing, cozy feel.

This vintage Shiny Brite tree topper was the inspiration for the whole tree. I found it at a thrift store for $1.99 and did a little happy dance right there in the aisle.

vintage Shiny Brite tree topper

Now let’s enjoy aaaaaallllllllllll the pretty close-up pics. The rest of the ornaments aren’t actually vintage, but they still give off that vibe. I hope to add some real vintage treasures some day. The largest ornaments that look like old Shiny Brites were a lucky find at Michaels. I bought all of them that my store had, but I hope they’ll bring back this style in coming years. 

vintage inspired Christmas tree

The best part of this tree was feeling like I could really mix and match ornaments. It makes it feel funky and “collected.”

colorful retro Christmas decor Aren’t the flocked branches the perfect backdrop for the shiny bulbs? I love the contrast!

colorful Christmas ornaments retro style christmas ornaments

You can tell in this next photo just how twinkly and pretty this tree is. The lights are amazing! And the mini ornaments on these snowy white branches are mostly vintage mixed with a few new ones just to tie things together.

vintage christmas ornament display

I added a few colorful ornament clusters to a flocked garland to create a simple decoration for the top of my piano and it ties together with the tree perfectly.

pink Christmas decorations

I just love this happy, colorful vintage tree. I can’t wait to scour antique stores and thrift shops to collect more vintage ornaments to decorate with!

colorful Christmas tree Tonight we’ll decorate the sentimental kids tree downstairs and I can hardly wait! I love pulling out all of the sweet ornaments my kids have made over the years and the ones my grandma has given me every year since I was small. This colorful tree is beautiful and fun, but the sentimental tree will always be my favorite.

flocked Christmas tree at night


  1. Beautiful! My question is about the ribbon: are those small pieces you’ve stuck in? Or is it a large piece tucked in and wrapped around?

  2. What a great looking tree! Funnily enough, I have a bunch of vintage ornaments that looks very much like the ones you have on your tree. These ornaments were given to me by my grandparents and some of them are 60 years old! I absolutely love adding them to the tree.


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