Craft Room Remodel: Construction is Finished!!!

The craft room is complete! Everybody do a happy dance! Let’s look back to the very beginning so we can fully appreciate the earth-shattering changes that have happened in here.
It started as a pretty strange room with poorly built MDF shelving all along one wall. 
This room is in our half-basement, and the shelving was glued straight to the cement half wall. That’s a major no-no! There was no sheetrock behind this shelving and mice got in there.

So naturally it stunk to high heaven and we decided that to truly ever love the space, we would have to start from scratch. While I was gone at a blogging conference this past April, out came almost all of the drywall:
Coming home to that was a bit panicky. While we had everything torn apart, we added extra insulation and framed the room in correctly. We also framed in a traditional closet so that the room can sell and appraise as a bedroom:
Now it is my absolute favorite room in the house. Are you ready to see it?

I love, love, love the soft, minty green paint color. I mixed it myself with mistint paints, but it is a dead ringer for Behr’s Meadow Light.

The room has a west facing window and gets tons of gorgeous, natural light. Be still my heart! And one thing that really makes the room feel luxurious is the amazingly soft Tigressa H2O carpet:

I spent an entire day kneeling on this carpet folding fabric for my new fabric armoire, and I am so glad to have thick, cushy carpet in here! Not only is it gorgeous and soft, but it is kid-proof and pet-proof! I wrote more about the carpet HERE.

The closet is such a nice addition. We bought the home as a 3 bed 2 bath, and now we can sell it as a 4 bed 2 bath!

Hubs built the shelving and I painted it. I wanted floor-to-ceiling shelving like we installed in our pantry, but hubs said no (for the sake of resale). We compromised by adding the center tower. If we ever sell, we only have to add clothing rods.

Here’s the closet pre-paint:

Another favorite feature is the light in the closet. I highly recommend one. It’s so nice to be able to see in there!

It only took us five months, but I’m pretty happy with the finished room. 
So do you want to see some side-by-side comparison pics? Oh, come on. Who are we kidding? Of course you do!

Now that all the dirty work is done, it’s time to decorate!!! I’ve already shared some sneak peeks with you HERE and HERE, but I’ll make one mega-post once all of the furniture is moved in, the decor is up, and all the crafty goodies are organized. Let the good times roll!


  1. How do you like the headwaters carpet now that you have had it a couple of years? Had it helps up well? Is it true easy to clean? Any drawbacks?


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