A Custom Ordered Apron

I can finally post pictures of this apron because my sister received it in the mail today. She wanted a new apron but couldn’t really find one she liked. She kept saying, “They all look like scrapbook pages and that is just not me.” You see, she is the exact opposite of me—I love frilly, flowery, embellished stuff and she does not. I love bright girly colors and she likes muted, dark and earthy colors (which I love also, but for an apron…come on, you know I’d want hot pink!) Let me tell you that keeping this apron simple was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. I wanted to add ribbon and bows and yo-yos and go to town, but I restrained myself. And guess what? She LOVED it! Yay!

I made up my own pattern for this apron. It is lined with the brown fabric on the back. All in all it was pretty simple to make, but I really took my time to get everything sewn perfectly. Maybe now I’ll have to make a sassy frilly one for myself!



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