The Perfect Way To Eat An Apple

First of all, this is kind of a random post. It is probably old news to everyone in the world except me. But I was so amazed by this simple pleasure that I had to share. My husband recently showed me the perfect way to eat an apple. It is the perfect way for these reasons:

1. Almost none of the edible part of the apple is wasted.
2. No plate is needed.
3. It is fast!
4. If you were really creative, you could stuff it with yummy filling.
5. It doubles as a telescope.
6. It’s easier than making all those scooped cuts on regular sliced apples.
7. It reduces the exposed surface area so less of the apple turns brown if not eaten promptly.

Wanna see?

Here she is folks, in all her beauty: All you have to do is push a sharp knife through the top to the bottom all the way around the core (forming a hexagon or whatever that shape is called), then repeat on the bottom side. Push the core out and you have the perfect apple! Your children will love it and so will you! We’ve gone through twice as many apples as normal since we started cutting them this way!


  1. You should just buy an apple corer. Even better and works great on pears as well. Shove a tapered candle in the middle for a cute center piece.


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