Deep Thoughts on Cleaning House

Let’s face it… cleaning house stinks. It feels like the never-ending bane of my existence. I do the dishes only to have the sink pile up with more dishes two seconds later. If I wanted my floor to stay clean, I would have to vacuum at least fifty times a day. It can be so discouraging.

I have a friend. Imagine with me the cutest little old grandma you have ever seen. She keeps her silver hair in a perfect pouff, has formal old-fashioned manners, wears slacks and blouses at all times, and always gives high-fives to my toddler. She said something to me the other day that has been stuck in my mind. She said we young ones have forgotten a really important part of cleaning house. In her sweet grandma way, she said, “When you finish cleaning something, step back and say, ‘Well, now. Doesn’t that look nice?!’ “

So I have been trying her advice. Instead of just scrubbing everything down and walking away, I stop and look at the difference I have made in my home. I think in my best grandma voice, “Well now. Doesn’t that look nice?!” and enjoy the fruits of my labors for a few minutes before moving on.

The laundry still piles up and the tub still needs scrubbing, but I am trying to notice that what I do does matter and is contributing to making my home a place where my family is happy.

And to prove that it works, I am posting a picture of my hall closet. You just look at that and tell me the “after” doesn’t make you want to smile and say, “Well, now. Doesn’t that look nice?!”


  1. Yes, cleaning house can be frustrating…especially since I'm not a super housekeeper to begin with.

    My husband (who is super patient about the state of the house) laughs at me when he gets home, and I say something like, "Well at least I got ____, _____, and ____ done even if _____ is a disaster." Or I say something like, "Seriously…you should have seen the living room this morning…it looked great!" He mostly laughs because he hasn't criticized anything and I'm still trying to justify myself. I think it's more of my way of reminding myself of all the good things I did get accomplished for the day though.

  2. Such awesome advice! I seriously almost never do that- I get all frustrated that no one else seems to notice, but it's almost like I'm not noticing either, so thanks for the reminder. Or should I be thanking the cute old lady? 🙂


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