DIY Boxwood Easter Egg Topiary

We had almost an entire week of sunshine here in Idaho and it has lifted my spirits and given me the spring decorating itch. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make your own boxwood and speckled egg spring topiary. And the coolest part about this project is that the eggs are not permanent, so you can remove them after Easter and continue using the topiary all summer long.
Make your own topiary and save money
To make a tabletop boxwood topiary, you will need:
Spring Easter Egg Boxwood Topiary


Begin by cutting a piece of foam to fit into the flower pot. Secure the foam to the bottom of the pot with hot glue. Poke the dowel into the very center of the foam, then secure it into place with hot glue.
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Under the leafy part of the boxwood ball, there’s a plastic grid structure. Poke the dowel through one of the holes, then make sure the boxwood ball is centered and let the tip of the dowel rest against a T in the grid. You can see what I mean in this picture:


Once you’re sure about the placement, put a big dab of hot glue on the end of the dowel and hold it against the plastic until it’s firmly set in place.
Cover the foam with the preserved moss. You may glue this into place if you want, but I didn’t think it needed it.


Now comes the fun part… adding the cute little speckled Easter eggs! I just nestled them right into the boxwood leaves and didn’t even glue them so that I can remove the eggs after Easter is over. I also sprinkled some eggs on the sheet moss to add a bit more color. Didn’t it turn out so cute? It’s going on my entryway table along with a few other fun Easter decorations and I just love how it turned out.


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