DIY Earrings Three Ways

These DIY earrings are so easy to make and will add a fun and unique touch to your wardrobe.

DIY earrings
DIY earrings have become an obsession of mine lately. It’s just so fun to make unique jewelry that one one else has! Today I’m sharing a video tutorial to show you how to make three different adorable DIY earrings. And the best part is that each one is totally customizable to fit your style!
But before we get to the tutorial, these are the supplies you’ll need to make the earrings pictured above. Everything can be found at your local craft store, but I’ve linked to them online so you can see what the packaging looks like or find everything easily if you’d rather shop online.
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Supplies Needed


Today I’ll be sharing three DIY earring variations: easy dangle pom pom earrings, mini bow earrings and popsicle stick earrings. Can you believe that it’s possible to make earrings out of popsicle sticks?! I wouldn’t have either, but I’ve already made several different pairs and I love them. I get compliments every time I wear them!
The basic tutorial for making earrings can be broken into four simple steps:
  1. Start with a fish hook (sometimes called a french hook) earring topper.
  2. Connect a jump ring to the bottom loop of the fish hook.
  3. Create the pretty, decorative part of the earring.
  4. Attach it to the jump ring and voila — you have an earring!


I used silver for the metal earring findings, but the pieces come in gold, rose gold, bronze, and more, so that’s just another way that you can personalize your earrings.
Now let’s watch the earring tutorial video and I think the four steps will make a lot more sense.
easy DIY earrings


There are so many different variations for each of these earring types. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
  • String several pom poms together for a more dramatic earring. Even better if they’re ombre or a funky color combination. You can also use different sized pom poms!
  • Add a jump ring to the bottom side of the bow and connect a second bow.
  • GLITTER WASHI TAPE. ‘Nuff said.
  • Cut the ends of the popsicle stick into a different shape to spice things up.
  • Paint the popsicle sticks instead of covering them with washi tape.
  • Wrap embroidery floss around the popsicle sticks.
  • Add beads to the thread above the pom poms.
  • Use more than one design of washi tape to create a cool look.
I could sit and make these fun earrings all day long! Which one is your favorite?
As always, if you make a project inspired by one of my blog posts, send me a pic and I’ll share it on social media.


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