DIY Geometric Metallic Vase

Spring is coming and I can’t wait for the flowers in my yard to start growing. I also can’t wait for the ice to melt off the driveway and the snow to stop already. But that’s another story. To plead celebrate the coming of Spring, I set out to make a DIY vase. It had to meet a few criteria: unique, opaque (I hate worrying about seeing ugly stems or coming up with a filler), and inexpensive. This is what I came up with:
Easy Inexpensive DIY vases for wedding, party, home decor
Isn’t it pretty? I’m a sucker for metallics and the geometric pattern keeps the whole thing looking uber modern. And guess what? It’s so easy to make! It took me maybe five minutes.

I picked up a straight sided vase from the dollar store…

Dollar Store Vase Makeover

…and a stack of metallic gold paper from Michaels.
Gold Wedding Decor

This is where it gets so easy that it’s kind of embarrassing. I cut the paper down to the same size as the vase, then wrapped it around and taped in on!

Easy Gold Foil Vases

Isn’t it so pretty? It totally looks like an expensive vase and it cost me almost nothing.

Easy Gold Geometric Vase

I can’t wait to fill it with tulips in a few more months. Won’t they look fab?

These vases would also be perfect for wedding centerpieces or any other glam party.

Metallic Geometric Vase


  1. Hello,
    I am asking for permission to use one of your images (above) to use for my small art studio. I would ensure that you are credited for the image (and it will provide publicity for your website).
    Just wanting to ensure due diligence!
    Thanks! Sue


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