DIY Ladder Shelf Bathroom Storage

Squeal! My husband and I finished a project last night that I just loooove and can’t wait to show you!

We’ve had a plastic storage dresser in the bathroom since we moved in. I even upgraded it once:

But it was still just a plastic dresser that belongs in a dorm room and I was ready to upgrade. I knew exactly what I wanted:

But this ladder shelf from Pottery Barn costs $299. Uh… no can do for this chicka. I showed it to hubby and he said he could build me one. Then I stumbled across building plans from Ana White (HERE) and this little scheme of mine became even more doable.

Hubby added an extra shelf  (five instead of four) and changed the size so it would fit perfectly in my bathroom and this is what we ended up with:

I took pictures of it in my living room because dang, that bathroom is small and I could not get a good angle for photos. But it looks pretty cute with the mint green tiles.

I think we spent about $40 on wood and finishing materials. Not exactly sure because we’ve been slowly plugging away at this project and I’m bad at keeping track of receipts.

I wanted to give it that Restoration Hardware classy-but-weathered wood look and the pictures do not do it justice. It is perfect! Greyed old-looking wood with a dull sheen. *swoon* Get the staining tutorial HERE.

It’s the perfect way to display some of my favorite yard sale storage pieces. That green suitcase? First thing I ever bought from a yard sale! Loved it then, love it still. And I think I payed $1 for it. Ha!

Don’t miss the easy Restoration Hardward knockoff wood staining tutorial HERE.



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