DIY Redwood Pergola

This DIY pergola was built with beautiful, durable redwood.

diy redwood pergola

The pergola is finished! I’m so excited to finally be sharing the photos of it with you. If you missed my first post all about this project, you can catch up here

To make a long story short, we had an old chicken coop in the backyard and no chickens.

old chicken coop

So we tore it down.

building a pergola from scratchAnd built a redwood pergola there instead! I’ve partnered with Humboldt Redwood and used their stunning and sustainably-harvested redwood.

redwood pergola with curtains

Can you even handle the gorgeousness? I’m dead. Dead! I basically want to ditch our house and just live here all summer.

As if the gorgeous lumber from Humboldt Redwood wasn’t enough, we decided to add flowy sheer curtains and outdoor string lights to make it even more special. Let me tell you, when the fabric is softly billowing in the wind and the lights twinkle in the twilight, this is the most magical spot on the planet.

redwood pergola outdoor living space

I am more in love with redwood than ever before. It is so beautiful. I love the subtle grain, the unique color and the warmth it adds to this outdoor living space. I’m already scheming up the next project I can make with redwood!

free pergola building plans

If you’d like to build your own redwood project, start by reading all of the resources available on Humboldt’s website. They’ve got free building plans for all sorts of outdoor living projects, design inspiration and tons of great information. We used their free pergola building plans and they were so detailed and easy to follow. You can locate your nearest Humboldt redwood supplier here.

I have to show you what it looks like at night…

pergola at night with cafe lights

Does it get any prettier? Give me a glass of lemonade and a good book and I may never leave this enchanting spot! 

And just because it’s such a dramatic one, here’s a good old before and after:

backyard pergola before and after

Only about a thousand more projects to go before our yard is done. Ha!

This post is brought to you by Humboldt Redwood and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.


  1. The pergola looks stunning, particularly at night. If the rest of your thousand projects go half as well your yard will be a national treasure!

    • Thanks Tracy! The sheer curtains were regular indoor curtains I bought on Amazon. They have not held up well in my climate… the wind has shredded the ends and they have gotten discolored from dirt and the wood tannins. I took them down… but they were pretty while they lasted.


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