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DIY Suitcase Miniature Dollhouse Tutorial

Turn a miniature vintage suitcase into a dollhouse.

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Are you ready for cuteness overload? Today I’m sharing a fun miniature dollhouse made inside of a suitcase! This fun DIY craft project is easy to make, allows for endless customization and is the perfect handmade gift idea for little girls. Heck, I’m a grown woman and I want to play with it too! 😉
The dolly, her clothes, and her little bed all fit nicely inside of this cute paper mache suitcase:
suitcase dollhouse
When it’s time to play, just open the suitcase up and there’s the doll’s home!
how to make a dollhouse
To make your own dollhouse suitcase, you will need the following materials. (affiliate links)
paper mache suitcase for crafting
  • Paper Mache Craft Suitcase **See details below**
  • Mini Wooden Spool
  • Mini Metal Hangers
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Assorted Craft Paint and Paintbrushes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Assorted Sewing Trims (lace, pom poms, etc.)
** The exact paper mache suitcase I used in the product is no longer being sold. Here are a few ideas for substitutions:
Begin by painting the entire box with craft paint, inside and out. Avoid getting paint on the silver handle hardware or on the handle itself. You can skip this step if you bought a pre-decorated suitcase.


paintable paper mache suitcase
Next comes the fun part… creating a dollhouse scene inside! I made a little “bed” on the inside of the lid with a felt blanket and pillow. I glued the pillow and one edge of the blanket down so that it won’t fall out and get lost.


suitcase turned dollhouse
Then I made a little yellow polka dot dresser out of scrapbook paper and added tiny silver beads for handles. I also created a little gallery wall and clock using stickers and other goodies I found in my scrapbooking stash. Do you see that little clock? I cut it out using my Silhouette machine, then printed a real clock face. I just love little details, don’t you?!
To make a place to store extra doll clothes, I attached the mini wooden spool to the wall using hot glue. It’s the perfect place to hang all of the little outfits. The doll I made is a felt paper doll, so I added clothespins to the hangers since the clothes are all flat.
dollhouse in a suitcase
Making all of the little details was the most fun part of this whole project. You could even make different room scenes for that back area that aren’t glued into place so you can swap them out. How fun would that be?!


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Isn’t this felt doll so sweet? I shared a detailed tutorial and free pattern to make your own doll here:

>>>>>>> Felt Paper Doll Tutorial + Free Pattern DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<<<

Check out this short video to see the doll and suitcase in action.
felt doll pattern
My preschool aged daughter loves this little dollhouse.


doll suitcase
She is having so much fun playing pretend with her little doll, changing her clothes and hauling this cute little suitcase all around.


suitcase for crafts


  1. SO adorable. I am 74 and have collected Dolls ALL my life. This is one of the sweetest things ever! I am going to make one for ME! Grandkids are Techy. How sad!!

  2. I’m in Canada, and the closest city has one craft store. Michael’s, and they just don’t get things like this there. I don’t think many people would have use for them. So, hence they don’t carry things like this suitcase. Can you help?

  3. This is just adorable. I will be making one for myself. I still have my baby dolls, Barbies etc from childhood and loved playing with paper dolls. I’m almost 59, but still love to create such cute things!

  4. This is exquisite! Do you sell these already made as I have so many projects to attend to now. My 3 year old Granddaughter would love it!

  5. This is absolutely adorable and I have two granddaughters that would love to have their own little dollies with cases! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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