Dollar Store Christmas Tree Hack

Add extra glow and beauty to your Christmas tree this year with this easy dollar store ping pong ball hack!

Add ping pong balls to your tree lights for a pretty glowing effect
I was cruising the aisles of Dollar Tree recently and noticed these ping pong balls in the toy aisle. I grabbed a few packs and brought them home to experiment with. Guess what? They make the most amazing addition to my Christmas tree!


Add ping pong balls to your Christmas tree!
I simply cut a hole in one side of the balls with an exacto knife, slipped the ping pong ball over a Christmas light bulb and viola! A new glowing addition to my Christmas tree.
If you want to purchase the ping pong balls in bulk, you can order them on Dollar Tree’s website. If 24 packs is just too many for you, stop by your local Dollar Tree instead.
Watch this video to see just how easy it is to make your own glowing orbs.
I can’t believe how pretty they look and how much extra glow they give my tree. And it was so cheap easy to do!
Add this dollar store item to your Christmas tree for a glowing effect!
These photos are just a sneak peek of the full Christmas tree reveal and I can’t wait to show you how cute the tree turned out this year. 



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