Easy Crochet Throw Pillow

Today I’m going to show you how to crochet a throw pillow. If you are relatively new to crochet, this is a great project for beginners. If you know how to start with a chain, single crochet, and turn, you are in business!

Easy Crochet Patterns



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This project is crocheted with two pieces of yarn at a time. Just take one yarn end from each skein, stick them together, and crochet as if they were one piece of yarn.

Crocheting with two strands of yarn

Now for the easy part. Are you ready?

Chain 25. Single crochet 50 rows. Tie off.

Crocheted pillow instructions

That’s it!

You’ll end up with a big rectangle, like in the picture above.

To turn it into a pillow, fold it in half and insert a pillow form. Using a long piece of extra yarn and the blunt large-eye needle, sew a whip stitch to close up the three open sides. Here’s a picture of the whip stitch for those of you who are visual, like me:

Whip Stitch
Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Pretty easy, right? I LOVE this pillow. The texture is exquisite and the color is scrumptious. Next I’m going to use the same method, but add stripes by switching out colors. Wouldn’t that be cute?!



    • I made my own pillow form. I crocheted the cover first, then made a cotton form the right size and stuffed it with batting. If you already have a pillow form you want to use, just adjust the number of stitches you do to match that form. When you start the chain, hold it up to the form to get an idea of how many stitches to do.

  1. Are the single crochets inside each of the chains, then a turning chain, then a single crochet inside of the single crochets? Sorry for the ?, it's been a long time!

  2. Do you chain one on the end of each row before starting the next? Do you go in the second home for the first row then the first hole after that?

  3. Love it! I just bought a new pillow and decided I would crochet a cover for it. I just finished a hat and scarf a few weeks ago. A little tip I would like to share with beginners is I like to reward myself with a new hook with each project I complete that I use for the next one. I find it to be a great way to gradually build up my supplies!

  4. Super cute! I’m going t see if my granddaughters want to do this project for their beds. They just redecorated their rooms so they might be interested.

    • Tina, the best way to learn anything with crochet is to search each individual stitch on Youtube. There’s almost always a short video clip you can watch to learn how to do the stitch. HOpe that helps.

  5. […] Not skill enough in the art of crocheting? Just no need to worry about it as there are tons of available crochet patterns you can try out with the minimal skills! A great one is here, the beautiful looking crochet throw pillow that would make a great gift also! Why not experiment this pillow with your own selected color and weights of yarn? Grab the full free crochet pattern and pictorial here thecraftpatchblog […]

    • Absolutely! You really can use any yarn you want, it’ll just affect the finished size. If you use thicker yarn, reduce the number of stitches across. I just stitched the first row then held it up to the pillow form I wanted to use and kind of eyeballed it. Good luck!


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