An Easy Hairstyle Using Stretchy Headbands

Here’s a quick and beautiful hairstyle for you or your little gal. I think it has a little bit of that old Hollywood glam to it.

1. Place the headband on over the top of the hair hippy-style (so the front lies on the forehead). You should be able to see the headband all the way around.

2. Grab one small section of hair from the front and wrap it around the headband. Get another section and add it to the first section and wrap it around the headband again. Keep going until you get to the middle back of the hair. Do the other side.
3. Gather all the hair that is left down and tuck it into the headband until it is smooth.
4. Gently grab the headband in the front, lift it up, and place it in the normal headband position. Unless you like the hippy look, then you can just leave it!

Here’s a side view:
The best perk of this hairstyle is that if you fix the hair while it’s slightly damp and leave it in all night, you’ll have beautiful curls the next day! Heat-free curls! Yeah! Leave it down or put it up for a pretty messy bun.


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