Easy Sew Lacy Doily Apron

Sometimes I get crazy ideas. When I tell people about my crazy ideas, they look at me like I’m, well, cRaZy! This was one of those projects. I somehow got it into my head that I was going to make an apron out of doilies. The naysayers thought I was nuts, but I plowed ahead. And guess what? I LOVE how it turned out! My doily apron is girly and vintage and… totally impractical. I mean, you are still going to get flour on your dress in this apron. BUT you’ll look pretty doing it!

Want to make your own girly, cute, vintage-inspired doily apron? 

Materials Needed: (affiliate links)

– white thread
Lay out the doilies to decide on placement. Here’s how I arranged mine:
There’s only one crucial step in doily placement. See the doily circled in red below? That doily is essential.

Why? Well, without it, let’s just say it’s like two targets highlighting the chest. My original apron didn’t have the strategically placed center doily and let’s just say… wowsah! Embarrassing! So ya, don’t skip that one.
Once you’ve appropriately arranged your doilies, pin them together one row at a time. I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

Gently lift the pinned row and sew the doilies together.
At this point, if you flip your apron over, you’ll see “flaps” on the back side. Sew these down.

Repeat this step for every row. When all of the doilies are sewed together nicely, it’s time to add ribbon straps. Cut them to length and melt the ends to prevent fraying.
Pin the straps in place.

Then sew the straps down. I sewed them in two places for extra strength.

Repeat for the waist ties and you are done! Put on a pair of sassy heals and a string of pearls and go rock your new vintage apron!


  1. Just came across this on Pinterest and LOVE it. I have made aprons out of embroidered doilies and tablecloths. I have made table runners out of crocheted doilies. Now to marry the two and make an apron out of crocheted doilies. You could always line it with some light fabric to stop the ingredients getting through but that might detract from the look. Certainly something for me to try.


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