Easy Valentine’s Treat

When I was little, my mom would occasionally make pudding for us and serve it in stemmed glasses. I always felt like it was the fanciest treat ever and that I was so special to be using the pretty cups. Right after Christmas I scored a set of wine glasses from the dollar spot at Target. They were on clearance for 20 cents each! How could a girl resist?

So I whipped up a quick “fancy” treat for my kiddos:

It’s just pudding with a little food coloring in it. It took me all of 10 minutes to put together, but won me the “Best Mom Award” for the day. The kids were so excited! They ate with their pinkies in the air like they were king and queen. It was so cute!

How great would this be for a special surprise on Valentine’s Day? You could make it with red jello and whipped cream or strawberry yogurt with strawberries on top (they are kind of shaped like hearts anyway, so that could be super cute). If you use pudding, I would buy the white chocolate flavor. I forgot how yellow vanilla pudding is. It made for a very orange-tinted pink.

Anyway, I had to share because you know how much I love cheap and easy! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. I love this. Sometimes I forget that it doesn't have to be super complicated and fancy for my kids to think it's awesome and special. Thanks for the reminder!


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