End of Summer Garden Party

As the end of the summer draws near, I decided to host a little get-together with my girlfriends to celebrate the fact that we’ve kept it together through another summer. Mothering full-time when the kids are out of school has been a big job and we deserve a #FriendsdayNight to chat, unwind and laugh together.

What is #FriendsdayNight? It’s anytime a group of friends and IZZE¬†are involved, elevating the everyday and making any reason a reason to celebrate! Who needs a big excuse to celebrate, I mean really? To me, a good get-together doesn’t have to be elaborate. In my mind, a successful party just needs three things:

1. Something to nibble.

2. Something to sip.

3. Something pretty to look at.

I wanted to keep things simple, so to fulfill requirement #1, I cut up melon and put it in a pretty serving dish. Bam–easy, colorful, summery and delicious.

To fulfill requirement #2, I knew IZZE Sparkling Juice¬†would be the perfect drink to sip on. They are made with 70% juice and a splash of sparkling water. I’ve been crushing on unique drinks lately, and I love that Izze Sparkling Juices come in pretty glass bottles. They add just that little extra something to any party. And the flavors are so fun too… Clementine, Grapefruit, Apple, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Cherry Lime, Blueberry and Peach.

Requirement #3 was met with a cheerful floral centerpiece, pretty lemon dishes and colorful cloth napkins adorned with flower napkin rings.
I moved our patio table in to the shade of the big trees in the backyard, set the table, then brought out the viddles.

Prep for the party could not have been more simple, but it was a smashing success. We laughed. We sipped. We commiserated. It was just what we all needed to get through these last couple of weeks of summer break.

If you feel hesitant to throw parties, just remember the three requirements every party needs: something to nibble, something to sip and something pretty to look at.
What excuse will YOU find to throw a garden party?



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