T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag (Free Pattern)

I’ve got another fun, free crochet pattern for you today. This crochet bag is made with two colors of t-shirt yarn and has faux leather handles. I absolutely fell in love with t-shirt yarn while making this project and can’t wait to try making something else with it down the road. It’s got such a great weight and texture!
Crochet Purse
Are you ready to make your own fab t-shirt yarn purse?
2 skeins Lion Brand Fettuccine Yarn
Size N crochet hook
2 faux leather purse handles
Black thread and a large needle
Let’s talk for a sec about the supplies for this project.
Fettuccine Yarn Β is made from fabric remnants so each ball is unique and you won’t know what your local store has until you go check it out. It’s not like normal yarn that you are guaranteed to find certain colors. I kept my eyes out for months and when I saw the two skeins I used sitting there next to each other, I loved how they looked together. I have seen other t-shirt yarn (I think it was at Hobby Lobby) that seemed to be more consistent in coloring, but didn’t come in unique patterns like Fettuccine.
Also, purse handles… the best selection by far was at Joann. Other craft stores just don’t really have very many options. Save yourself the run around and start at Joann.
Okay, on to the pattern! First I’ll share the step-by-step instructions with photos. Then I’ll share the whole pattern at the bottom of the post in case you’re like me and want to print it out.
Using Yarn A (in my case, the gray), chain 15. Turn.
Crochet Purse Tutorial

In second ch from hook, single crochet across.

Crochet Pattern

Ch1. Turn.

Crochet Tutorial

In second ch from hook, single crochet across.

Crochet Stitch

Ch 1. Turn.

How to crochet a purse with t-shirt yarn

In second ch from hook, single crochet across. SC 3 in last space, which will begin your “turn” around the corner.

how to crochet a purse
Ch2 along the short edge.


Crochet instructions
SC3 in the next space to round the other corner. From now on, you will continue working in the round instead of turning your work.


crochet tutorial photos
Single crochet across.


crochet purse tutorial photos
SC3 in corner just like you did before.


Crochet a purse tutorial
SC across the short edge, then SC3 in corner again. Connect to the beginning with a slip stitch. Now the bottom of your bag is complete!


Crochet tutorial step-by-step
Change to Yarn B (floral), then SC in the back loop only all the way around. This creates a nice ridge to help the bottom of the bag sit flat. Continue SC around for a total of five rounds, or until you run out of yarn.


Crochet Bag
Switch back to Yarn A and SC four rounds. Slip stitch around once to create a nice edge, then you are done!
I found the best way to attach the handles was to tack them in place with hot glue to keep them from shifting, then stitch through the holes with doubled up thread. And don’t be lazy like me and think hot glue is enough. Your handles will fall off… ask me how I know!
Adding handles in crochet
If you want to be fancy, you could add a fabric liner inside. My stitches were pretty tight, so I’m not going to worry about it. I just tucked my ends in really well and am leaving it as-is.
Isn’t it cute?
Crochet tote bag
My husband was all, “You made that?!?” And I was like, “Hello, Mr. Doubty Mustafa. Do you not know me at all? Of course I made it!”


Free crochet patterns
T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag Pattern
2 skeins Lion Brand Fettuccine Yarn
Size N crochet hook
2 faux leather purse handles
Black thread and large needle
Row 1: Using Yarn A, ch 15. SC in second ch from the hook. SC in each remaining ch to end. Ch 1. Turn.
Rows 2-3: SC in each st across; Ch 1. Turn.
SC across. 3SC in last stitch. Do not turn. Instead, work in the round from now on. 2SC along short edge. 3SC in corner. SC across. 3SC in corner. 2SC along short edge. 3SC in corner. Slip stitch.
Switch to Yarn B. SC in the back loop only all the way around, then SC around for a total of 5 rows.
Switch back to Yarn A and SC four rows. Slip stitch around the top edge. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Attach purse handles first with hot glue, then with thread.
Finished size is approximately 9″ by 14″.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I was in the Walmart yesterday and purchased 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fettuccini Yarn on Clearance Sale! Iam going to use the yarn to make this cute handbag. Thanks for sharing the free pattern.

  2. Darling Bag! Just what I was looking for. Thanks. What are the approx. dimensions of the bag you show here or what gauge did you come up with? I may need to go for a larger bag.

  3. This is a gorgeous bag! I am wondering how useful it is as a bag though. Any ideas how much weight it carries? Do you find that this yarn is better for making bags in terms of holding weight than Thick N Quick? Thanks for sharing!

    • It seems really sturdy to me because the yarn is thick. The biggest point of weakness would be where the handles attach, but if you sew it well and use strong thread, it should be fine. I've been using mine as a day-to-day purse with no problems so far.

  4. Very cute! Too bad the yarn I bought didn't crochet up the same as your yarn. I had to revamp to create my own. Plus the only store in my town that handles craft supplies is Hobby Lobby and they do not 1) have tshirt yarn and 2) does not carry purse handles. Luckily I found some yarn online. I will have to create my own handles. :0)

    • That is one of the problems with t-shirt yarn… even the Lion Brand Fettuccine has such a broad range of fabric types they use to make the yarn that the finished products can be very, very different. Good luck with your project! I'd love to see a picture of it when you're done! πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for this fabulous pattern. I made it up today. I am in Australia and used Lincraft spaghetti yarn. It worked well. I didn't have any handles so crocheted handles by SCing over chains. I am really happy with the result!

  6. I was just wondering if you (or anyone else) had an issue with the bottom of the bag twisting a bit? The T-Shirt yarn is pretty big, even using the 10mm hook.
    I'm going to press forward with the next color and hope it rights itself.
    Or is there another fix?


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