Lighted Floral Pumpkin and a Muted Fall Mantel

Learn how to turn a plain foam craft pumpkin into a gorgeous lighted floral pumpkin and create a serene fall mantel using muted greens, white and mustard.

It’s time to decorate for fall! This year I decorated a friend’s fireplace mantel and decided to go a bit more muted with the color scheme. I was completely inspired by some gorgeous green pumpkins I found at Hobby Lobby and the rest of the decor fell into place around them. I just love this more non-traditional color scheme and how the touches of mustard yellow pop against all the soft white and green.

This post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby.

My favorite DIY fireplace decor is the flower covered pumpkin. It even lights up!

To make a lighted flower pumpkin, you’ll need the following fall craft supplies from Hobby Lobby:

  • Faux fall flowers
  • LED Micro String Lights
  • White Craft Pumpkin
  • Utility Knife
  • Clear Tape
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins

  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Use a utility knife to carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the craft pumpkin. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the battery pack inside.
  3. Tape the battery pack to the lid, then secure it back in place.
  4. Wind the mini lights around the pumpkin and secure them in place with clear tape.
  5. Pull the heads off of the stems and remove the inside plastic pieces from 36 flower heads.
  6. Slip one flower over each of the 36 mini light heads, then secure them in place by bending the wire.
  7. Cut off the plastic tip that sticks out of the bottom of the remaining flowers.
  8. Slip a straight pin through the center hole of the flower.
  9. Press the straight pin into the foam to attach the remaining flowers to the craft pumpkin. Continue until the entire pumpkin is covered with flowers and no more white can be seen.

I love that this pumpkin looks just as pretty during the day as it does at night. It would be perfect for a front porch!

Lighted Flower Pumpkin Video Tutorial





To finish off the fall mantel decor, I put together a simple wreath and garland. I used these supplies:

Use florist wire to attach the word across the center of the wreath, then tie the wreath to the tobacco basket with ribbon. Easy peasy!

The tobacco basket adds so much warmth, interest and texture. Ah! All the heart eyes!


The eucalyptus garland across the mantel is absolutely gorgeous. I loved it as-is, but I did find this little pack of mini pumpkins and gourds and couldn’t resist tucking a few of them into the garland.

I adore the soft, understated look. Isn’t it exquisite?


Be sure to stop in at your local Hobby Lobby for fall decor inspiration!



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