Fall Porch Decor

This year I decided to decorate the porch for Fall. I’ve never done that before, and it was really fun! I think it’s going to become a thing around here. 

I purchased the leaf garland from Joann with a coupon ($8 each). It’s actually two garlands hooked together and I used clear Command hooks to put it up.

I cut a bunch of tall grass and stuck it in a painted mason jar. Easiest Fall decoration ever! I also made a “vintage” corn sign using scrap wood from the garage. This kind of sign is my new favorite… the wood trim around the edge really makes it something special.

I painted the wood white, then used my go-to image transferring technique to add the letters. Next, I rubbed some wood stain over the paint to give it some texture and old-ness, then nailed on the wood edges.

Usually stars mean Christmas, but this old, rusty brown star looks just right for Fall to me.

We found this old, rusted rake in a pile of lawn clippings in our backyard when we moved in. Some berries and a bow are all it took to turn it into a perfect Fall decoration.

We have lots of pumpkins growing in our garden that I’ll add to the porch when it gets a little closer to Halloween. My kids told me I couldn’t pick them yet.


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