Faux Stained Glass Heart with Transparent Glitter Vinyl

Get the look of stained glass with this adorable craft vinyl project. Free cut file!

One of my new favorite types of vinyl is the transparent glitter vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. It is so sparkly and pretty! At Christmas time, I made a faux stained glass window and it turned out so cool that I decided to try another version of the craft that I could leave up all year long.

I designed a geometric heart and turned it into a piece of art that mimics the look of stained glass. When the sun shines through it, I’m telling you… there’s nothing prettier.

To create this fun craft, you will need the following:

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Step 1. Open the Silhouette Design Studio File. There are three parts to the file.  The first part is all of the colored pieces. Each group of colors should be cut from a different color of vinyl. You’ll have to move them all off the cutting mat and cut the groups one at a time. The second part of the file is the frame and should be cut from black vinyl. You may need to resize all of the separate pieces to fit whatever size frame you use. If you need to resize, just be sure to select everything first, then resize, so that all of the pieces stay proportional. The third part is just for reference so you know how the design comes together. You don’t need to cut this out.

Step 2: Weed the black heart frame, then use transfer tape to apply it to the front side of the glass in a picture frame.

Step 3. Turn the frame around to the back, then start placing the colored pieces into their correct spots. It helps to look at the reference drawing as you do this. All of the pieces are kept the same original direction, so that should help you find them. I’m telling you, if you like jigsaw puzzles, this is just as therapeutic and fun!

And that’s how you make this fun faux stained glass geometric heart with craft vinyl!

Get the free Silhouette Studio design file here.


  1. didn’t you do a video on this ?
    just made it…. since there is no back on the frame what do you do to hold the glass in and how to hang it?

    • I DID do a Live video on the Expressions Vinyl Facebook page. I glued the glass to the frame all around the inside edge and added a little picture hanger onto the top part of the frame to hang it.


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