Free Printable Chapstick Valentine’s Day Cards

These free printable Valentines feature a lip balm theme. A perfect Valentines idea for tween girls.

Do you have Valentine’s Day cards squared away for your kids yet? Gone are the days when you can just buy cheesy cards and hand them out. Nowadays Valentines Day cards have to come with a candy or a toy or some kind of little gift attached.
This year my tween daughter is handing out these fun lip gloss themed Valentines. She is really excited about them because they are a little more “grown up” than the typical kiddie cards. Side note: it’s really weird to have a tween. She’s getting so big and cares about how she looks and wants to hang out with friends. I am so not old enough for this. đŸ˜„
Anyway, back to the Valentines. They turned out so cute that I thought I’d share them with you as a free printable that you can download. 

There are four different wording variations and they print four to a page, then you can cut them apart.

The cards say:

“Pucker Up, Valentine”

“Chappy Valentine’s Day”

“Hugs and Kisses, Valentine”

“XOXO Happy Valentine’s Day”

We used washi tape to attach a tube of lip balm to each card, only to find out that the washi tape wasn’t really strong enough to keep the chapstick in place. So we went back and added a little dab of glue to the back of each tube of lip gloss to keep them firmly affixed to the cards.
These Valentine’s would also be perfect to give to your gal pals, no matter what age. Because seriously, a girl can never have too many tubes of lip gloss, am I right? 
Click here to download the free printable Valentine’s Day cards:



  1. Hi Jennifer, It was so, so great meeting you and your sis at the convention this weekend! I wanted to pop over here and check out your blog and say hi. So glad I did. Love your layout and aesthetics. Lots of fun ideas that are tempting to try. I hope we stay in touch. Wishing you so much success, Julie

  2. Hello, I love your stuff! I am excited to use your printable but there is an error retrieving the file when I click the link. It says there is a Google Drive Error. Can you take a look and see if you can help a sister out?

    Thanks so much!


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