Free Printable Vintage-Style Christmas Posters

Free printable vintage inspired Christmas wall art to easily decorate your home for Christmas.

I’ve got such a fun DIY Christmas decor project for you today. I designed two vintage-inspired Christmas posters that I’m offering as free printables. I love how this project turned out and I have been so excited to share it with you!
This is a super simple DIY project. To make your own Christmas wall art, you will need:
– Free Printable Posters (formatted to print at 12×18 poster size)
– Eight 13x2x1/2 inch wood strips
– Twine
– Glue gun and glue sticks (wood glue works too)
– Command hooks for hanging (I bought the crystal knob ones)
Begin by sandwiching the top and bottom ends of each poster between the wood strips and gluing into place. I used hot glue but wood glue or probably even school glue would work too.

Glue a piece of twine to the back part of the wood for hanging.
If you’re like me and absolutely hate filling nail holes, it’s a really great idea to use Command hanging products for seasonal decor like this. Then there’s no long-term damage and you can hang holiday decor to your heart’s content. I found these cute crystal knobs and knew they’d be perfect for hanging my posters in a pretty way without any nail holes. And I love that they are clear so they blend in better with my dark wall color.
I have another super secret use for Command Hooks. They make the perfect hidden hook for draping garland, banners and bunting on furniture.
I used these Command Mini Hooks 6-pk – Clear.
…and tucked them up under the table top. You can hardly see them, but it gives you something to hook the garland to.
It works perfectly and is easy to remove after the holidays are over. Although I might just leave them there year-round and change out the garland for different holidays.




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