Halloween Dinner

My sisters-in-law and I decided to get together for a fun dinner the night before Halloween. Save these ideas away for next year people! We had a blast!


They are breadsticks shaped like fingers with pumpkin seed fingernails. They are superb dipped in blood (spaghetti sauce).

Next, we had PIZZA SNAKES:

They are basically just calzones painted with a mixture of food coloring and egg white. But the best part was cutting them open and seeing all the sauce and cheese oozing out. Bwah ha ha.

We also dined on MELON BRAIN:

Detailed instructions can be found on familyfun.com, but basically I peeled a personal-sized watermelon and carved the grooves into it. I had been wanting to try this one for a long time and it actually worked and looked just as good as the picture!

And here are some of the goodies all laid out.

We finished the night off with a graveyard buffet… chocolate pudding, Oreo “dirt”, gummy worms and graham cracker tombstones. YUM!

I think we’re going to make this spooky dinner a tradition. It was so much fun!


  1. Wow! I have been looking at your blog a lot lately and LOVE it! You have really inspired me and make me want to do all this stuff even though I am not crafty AT ALL. You are extremely talented and thanks for sharing your ideas!


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