Hanging House Numbers on Slanted Siding

One of the first things we noticed when we came to look at our new home was that it really needed new house numbers. Aztec flute man is not our style:

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in projects lately, so we decided to buy a kit instead of trying to make something from scratch. We bought one at Home Depot for about $30. It came with a plaque, stick-on numbers and a template to help us put the numbers on straight. Easy peasy, right?


We put it up against the siding. Because our siding is so angled, the new plaque looked dumb. So much for easy.

We did come up with a solution, it just required more work, which we were trying to avoid. So goes life, I guess.

Hubs cut a piece of wood at the same angle as the siding to make the plaque sit straight. It ended up looking like this:

I sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, then we mounted the two pieces together, like this:

Now the plaque sits straight and the weirdness caused by the slanted siding is gone! Much nicer than the weird flute man Kokopelli (thanks, readers for enlightening me!), right?

All that’s left is to touch up the silver screws with a little oil-rubbed bronze paint. In a million years when I get to it. Ha!

I already updated the exterior lighting and have been working on the front landscaping. I have big plans for the storm door and all it’s scrolly-metal shenanigans. I’d also like to paint the front door a fun color and paint the brass kick plate. Then we’ll be all done with the porch!


  1. "Much nicer than the weird flute man, right?" I think they are a tad weird also, but I have lived here long enough to start appreciating them….He is called Kokopelli Just FYI…. Love what you are doing!


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