Happy Little Bag

Lately I’ve seen so many adorable bags/purses on Etsy and different websites that I just had to make one myself. I found these cotton fabrics in my mom’s fabric stash (thanks mom!) and knew they would be so cute paired with red. I think this may be my favorite color combination on the planet (until tomorrow when I like something else…haha). The fabric was pretty flimsy by itself, so I used Pellon to give the bag some structure. It is lined and even includes an inner pocket to hold my car keys. This was so fun to make and let me tell you, it’s very addicting. Now that this one is finished, I want to make more!


  1. That is such a cute little bag. The colors are great. I can’t wait to make a bag myself, it seems like everyone is making their own lately! I have one started, all cut out– maybe one of these nights I’ll get a chance to sew it!! Good job, Jennifer!


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