Hilarious April Fool’s Day “Grilled Cheese” Sandwiches

I’ve been waiting for a year to share today’s post. I love April Fool’s Day. Any chance to goof around with my family and I am all in. Last year we invited two 20-ish-year-old guy missionaries from my church to come over for dinner on April Fool’s Day. It was sooooo fun to prank them.
For dinner, I served them grilled cheese sandwiches:

They look pretty normal, right? Well, actually they are not dinner at all! They are dessert! They are made of angel food cake loaf and cheese-colored buttercream frosting!

If you are looking for a fun dinner idea for April Fool’s Day this year, here’s how you can make your own “grilled cheese” sandwiches:


– angel food cake loaf (I purchased mine from the bakery, but sometimes they sell frozen ones in the dessert section)
– butter, softened
– frosting (purchased in a can or homemade from your favorite recipe)
– yellow and red food coloring

1. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut the loaf into slices the thickness of bread.

2. Just like you were making a normal grilled cheese sandwich, spread one side of each slice with the softened butter and grill in a pan until golden brown.

3. Let the slices cool while you mix up the frosting. To achieve the cheese color, I used a lot of yellow and just a teensy bit of red. Go slowly on this part until you are conviced you’ve nailed the color of cheddar cheese.

4. The last step is to assemble the sandwiches. Just make sure the grilled side of each slice is on the outside of the sandwich.

Now all you have left to do is giggle, giggle, giggle at your clever little April Fool’s Day trick!

Our dinner guests absolutely LOVED these. I told them that since it was April Fool’s Day, we would be eating dinner backwards and I served them “cake” first (read about that HERE), then these “grilled cheese” sandwiches.

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