Sunday Stroll 3.22.15

Today (and for a few upcoming weeks) I want to take you on a stroll through a really unique, awesome antiques store that I discovered recently.

The owners bought the old red schoolhouse back in the 70’s. A few years later, they purchased a huge, old barn that was located a few miles down the road and had it moved to the site of the schoolhouse. Now the two buildings are merged into one giant, totally unique store. The owners live above the store. Notice the metal spiral staircase? That big rock chimney is an enormous working fireplace they use to heat the store.

Here are just a few details from inside that I loved.

The polished wood stumps and river rock flooring in one section of the store are something I’ve never seen before.

Just take a moment to soak in all the details of this next picture.

I’m in love with the metal horse heads on the railing and how fun is that old barber’s pole?!

The wooden stairs reminded me of the movie Swiss Family Robinson for some reason:

The place is HUGE. Every nook and cranny offers a hidden surprise. This is just one view from upstairs. I love the rock chimney with the diagonal paneled wall, and those are stained glass windows. In a barn! I told you this place was unique!

Stop in next week. I have more pictures of this antiques store than I could possibly share in one post!


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