How To Clean The Holes In The Rim of Your Toilet Bowl

Caution! This post has pictures of a real toilet. If this freaks you out, run. Run away now!
You have been warned.
I live in an old house. And it’s a rental, which usually means it’s been through the ringer as far as upkeep goes. Thus, it is the perfect grounds for my cleaning experiments. Lots of caked on dirt that’s been there for who knows how long. Isn’t that a lovely thought?
Anyway, the area that’s been bothering me lately is the toilet. I can get the bowl and the outside clean, but I just couldn’t seem to scrub away all the hard water build up around the holes in the rim where the water comes out. Not only are they hard to reach, but they had a lot of buildup that was really stubborn!
A while back, I tested a really successful cleaning method for removing mold from grout lines (read all about it HERE.) It got me thinking.
I soaked some cotton balls in bleach and firmly pressed them against the holes. They stuck!
Four or five hours and a sign that said “NO NO! Do not use this toilet!” later, I peeled the cotton balls back…


Woohoo! It looks so much better! I am very happy with the results, plus my bathroom smells so clean and fresh! Bye-bye nasty build up!

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  1. I use the same method, only I spray the bleach and then apply toilet paper. I spray more bleach and ad more tissue. It works and no worries my gang will flush .

  2. Darn it, I usually just skim through all these hints, but stopped at this one! And it really works. I am a senior with not much scrubbing strength left in my arms, so this was easy peasy. Thanks so much!!
    And yes, the clean bleach smell is good.


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