How To Make A Felt Picture Book Part 1

There may be better ways to do it, but I thought I’d share how I go about putting a felt book together.

Step 1: Draw the image (or print out clip art) you would like to use. Make sure it is the right size to fit the pages it will be attached to.
Step 2: Begin cutting out parts of the picture to use as pattern pieces. I use clear tape to hold the paper to the felt so it doesn’t move around while I’m cutting.
Note that if it’s a piece that needs to go under something else, you’ll need to cut extra felt around some of the edges. See how I cut extra around Ariel’s head so it would stay under her hair?

In the photo below you can see how I have all the pieces cut out (except for the sea shells) and how I cut the paper to make the pattern. Pretty much any time you need a new height or color, you need a separate piece. So the arms and head are the same color, but they are three different pieces. And the band around her waist is higher so it’s a separate piece. Make sense?

Step 3: Stitch your picture to the background page! I have found that contrasting stitching adds so much to even a simple shape. I don’t use any kind of adhesive or fusible webbing. I just hold it in place and stitch, but you could certainly try fusible webbing if you’re worried about pieces moving around. I also don’t always use embroidery thread (because it’s more expensive and I already have regular thread on hand in multiple colors). To make eyes, I just pull the thread up from the back, tie several knots and the put the needle back through the page. And just an FYI…googly eyes do not last in books like these. Kids pick them off every time without fail!

Hope that helps give you an idea of how to make a book like this. If you need clarification (I think I would if I read this post. ha), leave a comment and I’ll try to help!

Part 2 will show you how to bind the book, so check back soon!
To see the finished book, click here.
To see a boyish book, click here or here.



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