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English Cottage Bathroom Remodel – Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week 6

This is an update post for the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge– where I am attempting to completely remodel our bathroom in just six short weeks. You can catch up with our plans and progress up to this point by reading the posts here:

It has been an absolutely INSANE week full of super late nights, long days and tons and tons of work. As I type this, my body is sore, my hands are covered in caulk and paint that won’t quite scrub off and every other room in my house is a wreck, but somehow we made it. The bathroom is D.O.N.E.

One week ago, the bathroom looked like this:

Gulp! Why yes, yes we were scared we wouldn’t finish!

But here she is today, friends.

I am thrilled! I can’t believe I get to have something so pretty in my house! I love how it all came together. It’s modern and fresh with an English cottage influence, just like I had hoped.

Let’s look at alllllll the details, then I’ll add all sources linked at the bottom and show before-and-after pictures.

The faucets and light fixture are a soft gold color called champagne bronze. It adds just the right amount of warmth to the cool tones of the marble.

I used wood accents on the mirror frames, hand towel holder and picture frames to balance out the cool colors in the wallpaper, tile and paint and I think it was essential to keep the room feeling balanced.

white vanity, plaid wallpaper, wood mirrors, gold hardware and light fixture, antique cabinet pulls

The wainscoting turned out so perfectly. It’s classic and luxe and adds so much charm to the room. This is the first time I’ve painted wall molding a color other than white and now I can’t wait to do it again somewhere else in my house.

The shower fixture is a super cool feature. I fell in love with the look of an exposed pipe shower and this shower column by Delta has that same feel. I can’t wait to stand under that massive shower head and wash my cares away. I am also a huge fan of handheld attachments for washing my hair and rinsing out the tub, so that was a necessary addition. It’s just the prettiest shower I ever did see.

I think I’ve earned a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath after all this, don’t you? Maybe a soak in the suds will help me get the caulk off my hands. LOL.

We debated different ways to finish off around the window. It would have been easier to use PVC molding painted white, but once we saw the marble crown trim, I couldn’t NOT use it. I mean, come on…

… just look at that miter! I’m drooling. Can you believe this luxe material is in-stock at Home Depot?!

I had a lot of fun gathering up items to style the space. I tried to marry old and new. Old art in a sleek, modern frame. A pretty house plant in a weathered urn.

The towel rack needed to hold a lot of towels since our kids sometimes use this bathroom too and I love how this one seems like something you’d find in the kitchens of Downton Abbey.

And let’s take a moment to appreciate these herringbone marble floors. Ooh la la! Aren’t they fab?

I feel like I have given birth and this bathroom is now my baby. It was exhausting and the labor was intense, but I forgot all the hard parts the minute I laid eyes on this beaut.

Now let’s do some side-by-side comparisons because that’s always my favorite part of a renovation.

You can really see how much bigger and better the new window is in this next comparison.

The new window was worth the stress! I’m so glad we went for it.

Now I think I’m going to sleep for a week. Can you believe what we were able to accomplish in such a short time? Let me tell you, it is not a reasonable amount of time for a bathroom renovation. We busted our butts and pretty much neglected everything else in life to get it done and I am exhausted, so if you are planning a renovation, don’t try to do it in six weeks. LOL.

For a detailed budget breakdown of this project, click here.


If you have questions, leave a comment and I’d be happy to help! And don’t forget to vote for my bathroom in the renovation challenge. I’d appreciate it so, so much.


  1. I am totally speechless at the beauty of this room. We’re in the process of installing a bathroom in our basement and we were able to find a vanity that included the carerra marble top so your use of all the marble is right in my wheelhouse. That window molding is over the top gorgeous. The entire room is so very pretty and functional. Please enjoy an extra long bubble bath and a really long nap!

  2. Jennifer this is so stunning. The wallpaper, the trim work and paint color. Don’t even get me started on the flooring and the window trim! I’ve loved watching every step of the renovation. Is it weird that I want to take a vacation in your bathroom….

  3. WOW!!!!!! That is incredible! Well done. You have had my votes all along! Well done, you guys! Well done, indeed. It is an AWESOME bathroom now. Bravo!!!

  4. What a lovely bathroom. It’s filled with inspiration for the rest of us. Did you purchase or make the shower curtain. What a lovely fabric. Where did you find it?

  5. So nice to see the reveal! It looks lovely! Can you please tell me the name and color of your toilet paper holder? thanks!

  6. This is so great! What was your starting point when planning this design? Did you find inspiration from a magazine or just throw it together?

    • I definitely didn’t throw it together… I obsessed over every single detail. LOL. I started with the overall feel that I wanted (cozy English cottage) and then tried to make every design choice with that in mind. I also thought a lot about balancing the cold marble with warm brass and wood. I thought about scale, balance, mixing the large scale plaid pattern with the small floral of the shower curtain, adding details that felt antique without being shabby and there ya go. It was a labor of love and I actually love it more now a year later than I even did right after it was finished. It is the first space I’ve been able to design from scratch and now I know what my style is and what I want the rest of my home to feel like.


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