Large, Inexpensive DIY Aspen Tree Wall Art

Big art can be so expensive. I’ve been looking for something to hang on the big wall above my couch for a while now, and since I couldn’t find anything to buy that was in my price range, I decided to make something instead. I created a pretty aspen tree scene!
I love how my DIY wall art turned out and it was so inexpensive… I made the whole thing for less than $10. I also love that I could choose the exact size I wanted. The finished size is 3 feet by 5 feet. That’s a BIG piece of wall art! 
Want to make one too? Here’s how you can craft your very own big DIY aspen tree wall art:

– Black or charcoal craft paint
– Paint brush
– Scissors
– Yardstick
Begin by unrolling the foam sheet and taping it to a hard surface to keep it flat. Using a yardstick or other straight edge, draw a 3 inch border around the outside edges. Then draw your aspen trees. I looked up a picture online to use as a reference. I found that I had a hard time distinguishing between the trees and the background, so I colored my trees in a little bit to help me see which ones to cut and which to leave.
Cut out the negative space with a pair of scissors without cutting through the outside border. 

When everything is cut out, use a small brush and craft paint to add knots and bark details. 
As soon as the paint is dry, it’s ready to hang on the wall! I used masking tape, but it started coming down after a few days, so I would recommend those Velcro Command Strips.
Not bad for $10, don’t you think?

I love the wintery feel of this art, and plan to leave it up until spring!

Since this DIY wall art is super lightweight, it’s perfect for a dorm room or rental apartment because you can easily hang it without damaging walls.

Now that I’ve had it hanging up for a while, I think I want to build a barn wood frame for it. Wouldn’t that look great?!


  1. Love this idea. Also love the sofa, I have been looking for a slip covered overstuffed looking. It is very difficult to find one with the right type arm and 3 seat cushion. Please tell me what brand and or company you purchased it from.


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