Little Girl’s Birthday Gift: Doll Clothes and Closet

My daughter got a rag doll a month or so ago and has been obsessed with it lately. So I thought it would be fun to surprise her with doll clothes for her birthday. It was so fun to make the little outfits! It’s very similar to sewing people clothing, but everything is cuter in miniature, right?!

Here are the finished outfits:
Wedding dress. Maybe I’ll have to make a bouquet and a veil too.

I call this one the school girl outfit…shirt, vest, and skirt.


This one is my favorite…a pioneer dress with apron and bonnet. For me, the heart lace on the bottom hem puts it over the top on the cuteness scale.

This one is my daughter’s favorite. I made them matching pajamas—silky, fancy pajamas. She changes her doll into pajamas every night and snuggles up with her. It is so cute.

And if you have a bunch of doll clothes, you need somewhere to put them. So I enlisted hubby’s help and he made this adorable little doll clothes closet:

One great thing about this gift is that we used mostly things we already had. We bought:

Bead board at ReStore $2,
Square dowels $3
Two cans of white spray paint $2
Scrapbook paper to line the closet $1.50 (I just didn’t have six sheets of coordinating paper in my stash).
Total Spent: $8.50
All the fabric and trim came from my stash and my hubby had the hinges, clasp and nails left from some project he did a few years back. Not bad for a gift that will last a long time and be treasured.
If you are interested in sewing doll clothes, I would recommend finding a pattern online. The patterns I tried to make up took so much longer. I spent so much time unpicking it was ridiculous! So I found this great site with printable doll patterns and just modified them to be what I wanted. That’s definitely the way to go. Unless you actually like unpicking


  1. Love, love, love them! They are absolutely adorable. It takes me make many years ago when your mom and I had beautiful doll clothes made by our mom. A lot of work but they were sooooo much loved. Too bad someone stole them! I would have loved to have my daughter and granddaughter play with mine so keep them safe when Sadie grows out of this stage.


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