Lumberjack Themed Pizza Party

Are you ready for the cutest party idea? Let’s party like lumberjacks!
I decided to have a few friends over for a cheesy Christmas movie night, so I set up this lumberjack pizza and hot cocoa station for the occasion. But I am also going to host a baby shower in January and decided to use the same theme so I can reuse the party decor and supplies for the shower. I also think a lumberjack theme would be adorable for a boy’s birthday. So I’ve got some free printable signs for you at the end of the post and I made different ones for all three types of parties.
Let’s look at some of the party details. First up is the star of the show, the pizza. Is there any food more appropriate for a cheesy movie night? I chose frozen pizza to keep things easy and delicious. Freschetta Naturally Rising Pepperoni and Canadian Bacon and Pineapple Pizzas have the best thick and fluffy crusts and are made with real cheese and fresh tomatoes in the sauce. It’s freshness you can taste. I love keeping a few in the freezer for unexpected guests and busy weeknight meals, especially since we live out in the country and it takes forever to get to any restaurants or stores.
I like to serve them on round metal pizza pans to up the presentation factor.
The pizza and the pans are both from WalMart. The pans were less than a dollar each, so they’re a great thing to grab for parties.
Now let’s take a look at the hot cocoa station. I used a pretty galvanized metal tiered stand with copper accents to hold all of the mason jars full of cocoa add-ins.
I loaded my cocoa station with creamer, mints, chocolate chips, caramels, marshmallows and stirring sticks.
I bought plain white mugs at WalMart as well and figured I would send them home with guests so they could double as a party gift.
One small but fun detail at the party were the wood slice napkin rings. They are super easy to make. Just cut a 3 inch section of elastic and hot glue it into a loop on the back of a small wood slice. Slip the napkin through the ring and voila! Aren’t they cute?
I mentioned that I made three different party signs to use for different occasions. Here’s what they look like:
Use them to make signs or invitations or labels… whatever you need! I’ve also included the buffalo check “cocoa” banner I used on the hot chocolate station and some blank cards to use for food labels and what not.
So are you ready to party like a lumberjack?


  1. Love this idea I own a resort in Minnesota, we do kids activities 2-3 times a week I make my own pizzas, but the hot chocolate just would not go in the summer time, any substitute s thank you Mary


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