Make Your Own Half Shirt for Layering

Love the layered look but not the extra bulk? Here is the solution to your problem: a half shirt. It’s an undershirt that goes to just below the bust so there’s no extra fabric around your middle. I’ve seen these around at my local mall, but who wants to pay a ridiculous price for half of a shirt? Not me! Especially when I’ve got plenty of good candidates for chopping in my closet already.

Are you ready to learn how to make one? This is the easiest project ever. Really. All you need is a stretchy t-shirt you want to turn into a half shirt, a pencil and a pair of scissors. Try it on and make a mark under your bust line where you’d like the shirt to end. Now cut a straight line across at your mark. And that is it! See? I told you this was THE EASIEST PROJECT EVER!
You don’t need to hem the shirt or add a band… your bust will hold the shirt in place for you! I can’t tell you how much more comfortable it is to wear a shirt under a sleeveless dress without all that extra fabric riding up in the middle. Or to have a little bit of camisole peeking out at the neckline without extra bulk.
Really, you have to try it. Half shirts are one of the best inventions ever!


  1. oh I was so confused..I was thinking of using the LOWER half as a layer for shirts that are too short. The picture with the sleeves was not making sense to me lol. But, I bet you could use that one cut up shirt both ways if necessary (not at the same time obviously, cause what would be the point of cutting them up lol). I know I don't particularly enjoy wearing too-short-shirts with my belly and camel toe all exposed like Winnie The Pooh.


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