Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress—I Did It!!!

This morning I happened upon a garage sale. All the clothes were 50 cents, so I picked up two men’s shirts. I am SO glad I didn’t get impatient and buy one at D.I. for $5. After paying 50 cents, that seems like such a rip off!

Anyway, I tried making a dress following the tutorial I posted about a few days ago. It was easy and pretty fast, too! And I am SUPER happy with the end result.

Here is the original shirt:

And here is what I turned it into:

I added some lace trim from my stash along the front bodice and hemline to give it a little touch of girly goodness. While I was working on it, I had about a million ideas of spin-off projects I could create. I still have a second shirt just waiting to be cut up, so stay tuned for more reconstruction mania!



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