The Mermaid Blanket

Learn how to sew a mermaid blanket with the help of this step-by-step tutorial.

mermaid blanket tutorial
I am excited to share a fun new project with you today. My baby sister just graduated from high school, so I wanted to make her something special. Something that would be fun to take to college. Something unique and fun to match her personality. Well, I think I succeeded…her gift is one of a kind. What do you think? …
It’s a bright-colored, funky mermaid blanket. Definitely unique. It’s made with 210 pieces of felt layered like shingles, sewn onto a cotton backing and lined on the back with purple fleece. It is a thick, warm blanket with a lot of texture and even more personality. Perfect to brighten up a dorm room.
So here’s how you can sew a mermaid blanket of your own.
  • 4 colors of 72 inch felt, 2/3 yard each (or less if you use more colors)
  • Backing fabric (I used a cheap $5 sheet from Wal-Mart)
  • Fleece (60×70)
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Sewing machine/thread/scissors
Step 1: Cut strips of felt 7 inches wide.
Step 2: Now cut the strips into rectangles 5.5 x 7 inches.
Step 3: Find something hard and round that you can use to cut one edge into a circle shape. I cut through two layers at a time to speed up the process.
Now you should have a big stack of mermaid scales!
Step 4: Draw lines onto your backing fabric. Mine were 2 3/4 inches apart and I used my cutting mat as a straight edge because it was the biggest thing I could find.
Step 5: Lay out your design. I did a chevron pattern, but you could choose any design you want! The first row starts 1/2 inch from the edge. To off-set the pattern, start the second row 2 3/4 inches from where you started the first edge.
Step 6: Now stack up all your rows carefully, so your design pattern stays in order when you are ready to sew.
Step 7: Start sewing! Line up the felt pieces with the lines you drew on the backing fabric and just zip across the top straight edge, grabbing the next piece in the stack until you get to the end of the row.
Here’s a more random pattern I laid out before choosing the chevron design.
Step 8: Sew on the fleece backing just like you would sew a pillow: right sides together, sew around the edges and leave a hole to turn it right-side-out. This step was challenging because cotton and fleece do not mix well. I had to pin like crazy. I easily used 100 pins to make sure the fleece did not stretch or move as I sewed it to the cotton. And I hate pinning. But it was necessary for this project.
I left a 1/2 inch border of the blue backing fabric around the entire blanket so that none of the scales would get caught in the outside seams when I sewed the backing on. Make sense?
Here are a few more pictures of the finished project:
 Perty, ain’t it?!? Very mermaid-ish and funky. Perfect for a college apartment.
DIY mermaid blanket


  1. Beautiful! You've captured a mermaid's tail with the colors and texture! This would be a perfect touch of whimsy for a cottage, beach house or even a beach blanket! Great work

  2. Beautiful..I want to this for my baby girl who loves mermaids. I was thinking of using fleece instead of felt…how does the felt hold up after washes? Thanks so much super excited.

  3. Nadia,

    I gave this blanket to a graduating senior, so I didn't really worry much about how it would wash up. It will be used more as a throw blanket and not washed very often, I'm assuming.

    I think it would work to use fleece, although it would be harder to sew because fleece is a little bit stretchy. If you do use fleece, PIN, PIN, PIN when you sew! I'd love to see a picture when you get it all done. Good luck!

  4. It's so pretty! I might skip the pinning with fusible interfacing. Would make an adorable babyblanket with interesting colours and flappy pieces to touch and munch on LOL

  5. Making 4 of these today as CHRISTMAS gifts for my nieces in the shape of a mermaid shape like sleeping bag/snuggy can't wait to post it!! But with mermaid scales like this one love it great job!!! God says, "use your hands and I will do the increase and it surely shows:)

  6. Love this! I'm making my granddaughter a mermaid tail blanket with fleece. Cut scales out of fleece and am stitching to flannel. Anxious to see finished product!


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