Paint Scrape Art

Paint scraping is a fun and easy painting technique that can be used for all kinds of craft projects.


Have you ever tried paint scraping before? I’m always looking for new ways to add interest to my craft projects, and this painting technique is so fun and easy. I love that there are so many different ways to apply it!

You can make custom abstract art.

Or you can paint scrape a fun design onto a handmade card.

My favorite project I tried was adding a fun design to an unfinished wooden tray. I just love those happy streaks of color, don’t you?

It’s totally mesmerizing to watch, so I put together this short video to show you the technique in action. Just click on the video image below and it will play the video for you.


Paint scraping is a really simple technique and you only need two supplies: craft paint and a spatula, putty knife or other hard, flat surface with a straight edge.

Step 1

Squirt a variety of paint colors onto one side of your surface. You can use regular craft paint, metallic paint, glitter paint, or whatever floats your boat. That’s the beauty of this project… so many possibilities!

Step 2

Place the scraper on the paint and slowly pull it across the craft surface. You can do straight lines, make it wiggly, bend the line halfway through… anything at all!

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate this painting technique into your crafts and DIY’s. Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Use fabric paint and decorate a tote bag or t-shirt
  • Paint scrape a design onto cardstock, then cut the paper into fun shapes.
  • Let the kids get involved for a fun summer craft!
  • Paint a wall in your house… if you’re brave.
  • Use something with jagged teeth on the edge to scrape the paint and it will create ridges and lines in the paint streaks.
  • Paint scrape the matte of a picture frame to add a pop of color.



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