Pinterest Tested: Doll Hair Detangler

Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser or delicious-looking recipe? The Craft Patch is the place to find out! I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. It’s like the Mythbusters of Domesticity!
I think every mother of girls pinned THIS PIN about saving ratty doll hair. Who doesn’t have at least one Barbie with a crazy hairdo?! I cut many a doll’s hair as a kid because I couldn’t stand their messy hair.
So I mixed up 2 tablespoons fabric softener and filled the rest of my spray bottle with water. The original Pin says to buy a wig brush, but I did not want to make a special trip to the store or have to spend money on it, so I used my regular plastic comb.
Here are the results:
Dolly did make quite the hairball by the time I was through:


This doll has been saved, even though it took a lot more work than I was hoping for. For that reason, I give it the rating of:

I spent about 30 minutes combing through the crazy tangles. But that is not so bad considering how her hair looked before. I did not think it was possible to comb out some of those rats, but I guess the fabric softener helped because Dolly is looking much sleeker and less like a demonic wild woman. And her hair smells fantastic, too!

One last note: some people commented on the Pin about how toxic fabric softener is and were worried about using it on a child’s toy. I sprayed the stuff on, combed through it and let it dry thoroughly before letting my daughter play with it and I feel fine about that. But this is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.


  1. You could just wash the fabric softener out (lukewarm water) if you are worried about the toxins. I use this on AG dolls, but wash it out thoroughly after some soaking time…

    What an amazing result on your doll!

  2. This worked great! I fixed three dolls for my granddaughters today. One was almost beyond repair, but I was able to get the knots out so I could braid the frizzy strands.

  3. When I was a kid my mom taught me to add a little baby oil to my dolls hair I would wash the dolls hair with shampoo and then brush it and add a little baby oil and I never had problems with ratty doll hair you just need to be careful not to put too much oil or you get a mess and need to shampoo again but I will definitely try the fabric softener

  4. I’ve been told a metal dog comb is better than plastic. I’ve done some nice smoothing with mine. BUT, I shall try that fabric softener thing! My stuff is mostly posted at members dot boardhost dot com slash DollDivas –under the name of Paul in Warrensburg.


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