Plastic Pumpkin Candy Bucket Topiaries

Make gorgeous and impressive topiaries out of cheap plastic pumpkin candy buckets.

I decorated my porch for fall and decided that I needed some topiaries to add height to the decor. So I made my own pumpkin topiaries out of dollar store plastic candy buckets! This was a super easy Fall DIY that anyone can do, so I thought I’d run you through the steps really quickly.

Scroll to the bottom of the post if you’d rather just watch the quick video tutorial.

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fall porch decorating ideas

You’ll need three plastic pumpkin buckets for each topiary, although you could make it with one or two or how many ever you want really. Fill the bottom bucket with something heavy to keep the topiaries from tipping over. I just found a few big rocks in the yard.

plastic pumpkin bucket craft

Add hot glue around the rim of the bucket with the rocks inside, then press the second bucket on top of it. The hot glue may show a bit if you have big globs or drips, so keep that in mind during this step.

UPDATE: You may want to use a more permanent glue like E6000 instead of hot glue… my buckets came apart in one spot when I lifted them funny.

gluing plastic pumpkin buckets together

After the buckets are glued together, it’s time to spray paint them. I chose a white spray paint that is made to bond to plastic, but they make “stone” spray paint that would be cool. I’m linking to Amazon so you can see what the cans look like, but spray paint is much cheaper at Walmart or Home Depot.

dollar store fall decor ideas

Once the paint is fully dry, stack the topiaries in urns or place them on the front porch as-is and fill the top bucket with real or faux flowers.

Plastic Pumpkin Candy Bucket Video Tutorial



fall porch urns and decor

Easy, cheap and so fun!

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$1 plastic candy bucket fall topiaries


    • That sounds about right… I have a huge box of faux florals I’ve collected over the last dozen years, so I just dug around in there until I found stuff that looked good together.


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