Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Popsicle stick bracelets are a fun and inexpensive craft for kids and teens. Learn how to make them and get ideas for different ways to embellish them!

Did you know that you can turn jumbo popsicle sticks into cute cuff bracelets? This is the perfect inexpensive craft for kids, tweens and teens to do this summer. The possibilities for decorating them are as endless as your imagination!

Materials Needed

  • Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks
  • Sturdy Jar
  • Hot Water
  • Embellishments: washi tape, glitter, embroidery thread, rhinestones, buttons, paint, stickers, lace, etc.

Step 1

Soak popsicle sticks in hot, hot water for at least 30 minutes until the wood softens and becomes pliable. I recommend soaking more sticks than you need because some of them will snap or break when you try to bend them.

Step 2

Gently bend the popsicle sticks between your fingers. If the wood is still too stiff to manipulate, boil more hot water and soak the sticks for 15 more minutes.

Step 3

Carefully bend the stick to fit inside of a sturdy straight-sided cup or jar.

Step 4

Let the sticks dry overnight. If you want to hurry the drying process along, you can bake the sticks in the oven at 200*F for 20 minutes (if you used an oven safe jar), but this can cause warping. It’s best to be patient and just wait for them to dry on their own.

Step 5

Decorate! You can embellish these wooden bracelets with anything and everything. I used paint, embroidery thread, lace, gems, plastic flowers, glitter and washi tape. You can also punch small holes into the ends of each stick and add a tie to keep the bracelets on better.

Here’s a short video tutorial that walks you through the whole craft, including five different decorating ideas.

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