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Reversible Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman

Make a reversible wood slice porch decoration with pumpkins on one side and a snowman on the other. This cute holiday craft can be used for both the fall and winter seasons!

Reversible Wood Slice Snowman and Pumpkins
Decorations that are reversible for more than one season are my favorite. It’s just so fun that you get a two-for-one. This wood slice porch decoration features pretty fall pumpkins on one side and a cheerful snowman on the other side, which means you can leave it on your porch from September until January!
Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial as I show you how to make your very own wood slice reversible porch decoration.
To begin, you will need the following materials:
Wood Slice Craft Supplies

Materials Needed

  • Wood Slices: One Small, One Medium, One Large and One Base
  • Black, White, Orange and Dark Orange Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Felt Doll’s Hat (found in the doll clothing section next to the dollhouses)
  • Plaid Ribbon
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Electric Drill
  • 2 inch Screw
  • Pumpkin Stem or Twig
  • Wood Glue or Hot Glue
You can find the wood slices in the wood crafting aisle at Hobby Lobby. I laid mine out on the floor right there in the middle of Hobby Lobby to decide which sizes and shapes looked best together. Hey, sometimes you must suffer for your art. 😃 Be sure to buy the thicker birch wood slices for the body. The Basswood Country Rounds are too thin for the body and can only be used for the base. I recommend buying these in person to avoid being surprised by sizing or how they fit together.


Step 1: Begin by painting the centers of the small, medium and large wood slices with orange paint on one side. When that dries, flip the wood slices over and paint the back centers white.
Wood Slice Crafts
Step 2: When the paint is completely dry, line up the wood slices to form a snowman shape and mark the centers where the wood slices touch with pencil marks. I used a square arm ruler to make sure my lines were straight.
Wood Snowman Tutorial

Step 3: Using a drill bit that is the same size as your dowel, carefully drill holes into the sides of each of the wood slices and slip one dowel piece into each set of holes so they fit together. This is what will secure the wood slices together and allow them to be stacked sturdily on top of one another. Use one or two long screws to anchor the largest round to the base piece. Just drill up from the bottom.

Wood Rounds
Step 4: Use wood glue or hot glue to attach a twig or pumpkin stem to the top edge of your smallest wood slice (the one on top). This will act as a pumpkin stem on the pumpkin side of the craft and will be covered by the felt hat on the snowman side of the craft.
Snowman Craft
Step 5: Add the painted details! On the pumpkin side, I painted subtle veins in the pumpkins with the darker orange paint. Then I added a few faux fall leaves in just for a little extra cuteness.


fall decor ideas
On the snowman side of the wood slices, I painted a snowman face and buttons and tied on a buffalo plaid ribbon scarf.


snowman crafts
Want to see this craft in action? Watch this short video to see it flip from side to side.

Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman VIDEO

I’m absolutely in love with this fun, rustic craft. I love the texture of the wood slices and most of all I love the fact that I get a cute porch decoration that I can leave up all through fall and winter!
diy fall porch decor
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What sizes are the wood slices?

  • The wood slices I used are about 7 inches, 9 inches and 11 inches across and the base piece is about 11 inches across, but it’s more of an oval shape. The slices are about 2 inches thick.

Where can I buy wood slices?

  • Hobby Lobby has a great selection, but other craft stores carry them and you can even buy them on Amazon!

What did you use for the stem?

  • I used a real stem from a pumpkin. You could also carve a stick to look like a stem or use a cute twig or cut the stem off of a fake decorative pumpkin.

Can I cut my own wood slices?

  • You bet! If you’ve got a fallen tree in your yard, you could definitely use that wood and cut the slices yourself. But just FYI…sometimes freshly cut wood will split and crack as it dries. Older wood that’s really dried out won’t crack as much.

What size is the hat?

  • Five inches


  1. I was wondering if you had approximate sizes on the wood slabs. I don't live near any craft stores so I would have to order online with sizes. Thanks. I am super excited to make this!

  2. great ideas especially for a snowman collector and a. person who lived autumn. what about a bunny and santa? I'm sure you could come up with all kinds. of combinations. thanks ffor the ideas.

  3. Is the base wood slice the same size as the largest wood slice or the middle wood slice? I want to get the correct size to make sure this will be stable.

  4. This project is SO clever and cute! I don't often comment on people's blogs,
    but I just wanted to let you know that I think your idea is really brilliant!
    Congrats! 🙂 Starr D.

  5. I didnt use slab bought wood. We went out in my mom backyard and cut it out of wood she had ready for burning. We made a top hat also. Didnt cost me hardly anything to make. Just paint ribbon

  6. How thick is your dowel to put the wood pieces together? My husband thinks the wood will split. The one I just got for it is 1/4 inch thick. I can return it and get another if I need to, just wondering what you did!

    • I bought the super thick wood slices and used 3/4 inch dowels with a 3/4 inch drill bit. Make sure the bit is sharp (not super old and worn down) or it will split the wood, then just go really slowly and you should be okay. Good luck Amber and let me know how it turns out!

  7. Love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Just have a question, I wanted to put this outside, but I'm having a hard time thinking about how to keep the hat from blowing off…any suggestions?

  8. Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have my little pumpkin man out all Fall and just finished the snowman side today. Merry Christmas! I pinned the hat on and learned today that hot glue comes off with Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton swab.

  9. I love this. BTW, I copied and pasted all the directions and one picture! It was easy, peasy.
    I am totally clueless about painting. What size, type brush did you use for painting the slabs and little trims (eyes, nose, buttons, lines on pumpkins).
    How do you paint those lines so they look so faint and natural? Also, how long of a wood screw did you use for attaching the base?
    Thanks for your help. Marti Barnes

  10. I love this. Few questions. How long a wood screw to attach base! Type, size paintbrush for painting surfaces and trim; ie snowman face, pumpkin lines, etc. Thanks. Marti Barnes

    • I believe the screw we used was 2 inches. Make sure you drill slowly to avoid splitting the wood! I used a large crafting paintbrush to paint the background colors, then smaller fine-tipped paint brushes for the detail work. To get the pumpkin lines, I dipped my paintbrush in the darker orange color, then wiped most of the paint off and did kind of a dry brush technique. I also rubbed those lines with a paper towel if they didn’t “blend” enough.

  11. I just bought everything for this project to make as a gift. The only thing I couldn’t find that I liked as good as yours was the top piece you used as the pumpkin stem. Where did you find it? I looked all over hobby lobby and didn’t see anything remotely similar And had to improvise but I would love to make it perfect since it is a gift. Thank you so much for such a genius idea!

  12. I am going to try to make this . It is sooooooooooooo cute. I had one question. How thick is the wood pieces? Thanks, Mary Ellen
    Have a Great Day!!

  13. I didn’t read all the comments, so this may have already been said. I would say that the snowman side, can stay here and other place till March. So we could actually leave it up September till April. That’s 7 months. I live in Boston Ma. I love it Btw, and plan on making it.

  14. Clothespin glue works for his hat sit on then I clipped leaves onto it. Also 2” x 1/4 double headed screws worked i didn’t have dowel.

  15. I live in the UK and just love this. I am in the process of having a go although mine, I fear, will be very rustic as it is being made out of wood slices cut by my Nephew. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  16. Wondering what would be best for weather proofing this to use outdoors?? Would acrylic sealant be enough or should this just stay indoors? TIA

  17. A massive old oak is coming down soon; what are the wood slice diameters, I see where they should be 2″ thick. How is base constructed? Thanks!

    • It says in the Frequently Asked Questions section that the slices are about 7, 9 and 11 inches in diameter and the base is an oval shaped slice that’s also about 11 inches across. Use a 2 inch screw to attach the bottom slice to the base piece.

  18. Thank you for the great idea for wood slices. I made mine using slices of wood a family member made for my daughter’s wedding for table numbers. I giving this to her for her 5th anniversary.

  19. First off, I consider myself an experienced crafter. My sister-in-law asked me to make a few of these for her. She bought the supplies and it’s basically been a disaster. Your photo of the wood slices looks like the Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Wood slices that are sold at Hobby Lobby as well as at Michael’s craft stores. Well, they are way, way too thin to make this project work and be stable. I was concerned that the wood would crack when drilling for the dowels which were 3/8″. When they started to crack, my husband and I thought, ok we need thinner dowels. So drilled smaller holes and got the 1/4″ dowels in, but it’s wobbly and leans forward (even tried 5/16″ dowels). In one of your comments, you provided a link to Hobby Lobby for the wood. However that is for the birch wood which is much thicker and not at all what you state and show a photo of in the supplies list. Very misleading – you should have provided more specific names and dimensions for the thickness of the wood. Now I need to figure out some way to add braces to make these sturdy and paint over the brace. So word of WARNING- don’t use the Basswood Country Wood Slices – they are too thin.

    • Hi Sandy,

      I’m so sorry you had trouble making this craft! You are correct in recognizing your error… the Basswood country rounds ARE too thin to work. I only used that type of wood slice for the base. The other wood slices shown in the supply photo (in the top right hand corner stacked on top of each other) are about 2 inches thick and much more suitable for making the body. I’m sorry the directions weren’t more clear. I hope you can still make this craft work.

      • The issue is, the link provided to Hobby Lobby for the wood slices in your instructions, takes you to a page that has the Basswood rounds as well as the Birch rounds. By not specifying which wood should be purchased is what caused the confusion and issue. Your photo of the shrink wrapped wood looked just like the Basswood Country wood. I’m not referring to the base slice but the 3 that are stacked to the left side of the image. I have a solution to fix this disaster, but have put way too much time in to this project for my sister-in-law who thought it looked easy. Sorry to grumble so much to you, but I’m such a detail person, I expected more information on the instructions. I’m just trying to make sure others don’t make the same mistake.

      • what kind of paint is it if I want to use them outside and do you have to use a dowel rod or screw to put them together won’t wood glue just work just wondering

        • Wood glue won’t hold them together well because of the bumpy bark. For strength, I really recommend doing it with the dowels and screws. I used regular craft paint for mine, but if you want to spend a little extra, they sell paint made for outdoor projects. Just read the labels in the paint aisle at the craft store.

  20. Hi Jennifer, this is such an adorable idea! I like to read ALL the comments prior to asking a question so I don’t waste space with a duplicate. That’s where I read about using thicker pieces for the body vs the base. It was mentioned a few times I believe. What I didn’t see and since I’m not an experienced crafter but do love adorable unique-only crafts, I wondered if this can be unassembled for storage purposes or do the dowels fit so tight that you wouldn’t want to hassle that? I just love compact storage also!😉

    • Hi Patty, YES! All of the rounds can be taken apart, except for the bottom one that is screwed into the base. I wouldn’t recommend unscrewing it for storage as that may weaken it over time.

  21. I’m loving this cute project. Can’t wait to make it! Thank you for the great pictures and instructions and all of the answers to the many questions. I think I’m ready to give it a try!

  22. What size/thickness of ribbon is used, and is there some specific reason you chose birchwood round for middle piece and basswood round for top and bottom piece, or was that just what was available to you?

    • The ribbon is 2.5 inch wired ribbon. I chose the wood rounds based on what was available at Hobby Lobby when I was there. I wanted the right sizing to make it look good. The bottom piece that’s used as the stand is thinner than the three pieces I used for the snowman body. It’s too thin to work for the top part, but I loved the shape for the base, so I went with it. Hope that helps!

  23. We made this adorable craft this weekend, and it turned out great! Wish I could post/share a photo, to show it IS doable. The instructions & materials were easy to find & follow, though it does take a bit of intuitiveness to recognize what sizes/paints/, etc.
    I used a larger oval base so it gave me space to decorate: I added some leaves, pinecone & little cute hedgie figure on the Autum side
    I loved this adorable project so much, and my guy got involved with the easy drilling.
    I’m thinking about making smaller versions (table top) for gifts, too
    Thank you!!

  24. Hi. Ok so I have bought the wood slices from the internet and unfortunately they are 1 inch thinks instead of 2. I didn’t catch that when I was reading…my fault…. Can I peel some of the bark pieces off the round to make it flat,so that maybe it will sit better and be sturdier?Any other suggestions ?


    • Hmm, that’s going to be tricky, but maybe you can cut a teeny bit off of each slice where they would sit together to give them a flat surface. That’s the only thing I can think of. Good luck!


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