DIY Yarn Tote Bag with Heat Transfer Vinyl and Hand Embroidery

Make an adorable custom tote bag by combining hand embroidery and heat transfer vinyl.
Make a custom yarn bag by combining HTV and hand embroidering
This fun craft idea combines several of my favorite things… embroidering, using my Silhouette machine, and knitting & crochet! I created this cheery tote bag to hold my yarn when I’m working on a crochet or knitting project.
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A few weeks ago, my friendsĀ The Pretty Life Girls made an amazing sweatshirt that combined heat transfer vinyl and hand embroidery. I was immediately obsessed and started looking for a project where I could do the same.
Make a custom yarn tote bag with a Silhouette machine
Adding a touch of embroidery to a design really ups the wow factor if you ask me. Isn’t it such a fun detail?
Follow this handy tutorial so you can make your own yarn tote.
Step 1: Download the free designs (right below the image preview). I’ve got a knitting and a crochet version and you can make them with or without words. Open the link below and you’ll see all the available options in one folder.
Yarn, knitting and crochet designs
Step 2: Resize the image to fit on your tote bag, then mirror the image. Load a cutting mat with heat transfer vinyl, shiny side down. I used Pink Stripflock HTV from Expressions Vinyl. The fuzzy texture was perfect for this project. Adjust cut settings, then cut!
Silhoeutte projects for beginners
Step 3: Weed the design, removing all the negative space. Be sure to get all of the little dots too. That’s where you’ll do your embroidering.
Project ideas using heat transfer vinyl
Step 4: Place the design on your tote bag and iron it into place. Or if you are a lucky soul who owns a heat press, you could use that too. šŸ˜‰
How to iron on flocked heat transfer vinyl
Step 5: Wait until the design is completely cool, then peel away the clear carrier sheet. Don’t forget to iron on the knitting needle or crochet hook too. I usedĀ  contrasting jade glitter HTV for that part.
How to peel away clear sheet on flocked iron on vinyl
Step 6: Now comes my favorite part! Choose a few fun colors of embroidery floss and stitch into the holes in the design.


Mix embroidery with heat transfer vinyl to make a cute DIY tote bag
Colorful DIY tote bag using iron on vinyl, embroidery thread and pom pom trim


Step 7: Add a bit of fun pom pom trim around the top edge and you’re ready to take your yarn along with you in style. I bought my trim at Walmart.


Make this DIY tote bag with your Silhouette Cameo machine.

Looking for a fun craft idea? Make this custom tote bag with heat transfer vinyl and embroidery floss. Silhouette Cameo project ideas.


  1. Wow, that is gorgeous and I really adore all the texture and detail. So clever combining the vinyl transfer with the embroidery! And so handy to have the holes for the embroidery pre-made! Love it Jennifer!


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