Save Those Extra Buttons!

Today I put on one of my favorite sweaters and noticed that one of the buttons was gone. Aw, stink! At first, I was feeling grumbly until I remembered that I always save the extra buttons that come on new clothes. I grabbed my sewing notions box, dug down to the bottom and dumped this out on the kitchen table:
Yep! I have been saving the extra buttons off things for years now. Whenever I buy a new outfit, I write a simple description of the article of clothing on the bag with a Sharpie, then stuff it into a bigger sandwich bag and bury it back down at the bottom of the sewing notions box. And today it finally paid off! My sweater was good as new in no time!

So next time you buy a new shirt, save those extra buttons! It could save your favorite sweater some day down the road.

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  1. Great idea writing the description on the packet – I save the buttons but I never write what it was from! I collect other buttons though so if I lose a button and can't find the original replacement I swap out all of the buttons with others from my collection – adds a bit of interest and something new!


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