Shower Themed DIY Wedding Gift Basket Idea

This post is made possible by my generous sponsor, Moen.
It’s wedding season! It seems like every year when spring hits, people start getting hitched left and right. It is so fun to put together creative DIY wedding gift basket ideas to give to friends and family who are getting married. I just love it! Today I’m sharing a wedding gift basket idea that hits the trifecta of gift perfection: it’s pretty, it’s funny and it’s useful!
I put together this fun bathroom themed gift basket with newlyweds in mind. My husband and I lived in apartments for the first 10 years of our marriage and one thing almost all apartments have in common is crappy shower heads. We experienced everything from heads that shot painful darts to shower heads that misted and never really got us wet. If you’ve ever been an apartment dweller, you know exactly what I mean. It’s the worst, right?! We finally broke down and bought a nice shower head and moved it from apartment to apartment and wow! Who knew such a small thing could be such a luxury?!
The shower head I picked for the wedding gift basket is amazing.
It’s called the Attract Magnetix Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Rainshower Combo by Moen. It features a rain shower head and a handheld sprayer that attaches magnetically, which means you can hang it back up easily, even if your eyes are closed and covered in suds.
The gift basket also includes big fluffy bath towels, hand towels (they’re stuffed down in the bottom to prop up the smaller items), a back scrubber, shower sponge, sugar scrub, bath salts and body wash. Pretty much everything newlyweds would need to take a luxurious shower in their new apartment.


I crack myself up with the gift tag. Save water, shower together. Come on, you know that’s funny. And so perfect for newlyweds! Download the free hand-lettered tag HERE.
Before I take the gift to the reception, I’ll wrap the whole thing up in clear cellophane so it’s easier to transport and nothing gets separated when the newlyweds pack up their gifts.


Do you have any weddings coming up? What are your favorite things to give as wedding gifts?



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