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Syndrome Costume Tutorial and Easy Costume Boot Tutorial

I promised more details on how to make each of the Halloween costumes in our Disney Villains family theme. Now that I have sufficiently recovered from the crazy busy rush to get them done, I think I’m ready to tackle a mini tutorial.
Remember how cute this little Syndrome was?
To make your own Syndrome costume, you will need:
  • black jumpsuit with a big white “S” across the front
  • black cape (lined with blue if you want to be technical, but I ran out of energy)
  • white boots
  • white gloves
  • black eye mask (forgot to put it on him in the pictures… oops!)
  • orange spray hair paint
I used McCalls Pattern #5952 (affiliate link) as the basis for the jumpsuit. All the black fabric is a stretchy, silky jersey knit from my stash. 

To make the big “S” across the front, I cut the shape from costume satin and used double-sided fusible interfacing to stick it to the jumpsuit. Then I satin stitched around the edges on my sewing machine.

The cape was one my mom had in her costume box. It is a pretty basic Dracula cape. I was originally going to line the underside with blue fabric, but it just didn’t happen.

I bought the white gloves and the colored hair spray at Wal-Mart. The gloves were $.97 in the little girl section (shh… don’t tell!) and came with a second pair of pink gloves. The hair spray was about $2.50.

The biggest challenge was making the boots. So I took pictures to show you how I did it.

Easy Costume Boot Tutorial

Step 1: Cut this shape from costume vinyl (I used felt and they were trashed by the end of the night). Sew up the two sides as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Turn the boot right side out. Slip it over your child’s foot with their shoe on and adjust it so that the fabric is snug over the toe area. Carefully slip the shoe and boot off your child. (And FYI, the shoe will not be damaged and can be removed from the “boot”)

Step 3: Trim off the excess fabric, using the bottom edge of the shoe as your cutting guide.


Step 4: Place elastic across the bottom and hot glue each end onto the boot. This will hold the boot on.

Step 5: Roll the top edge down and hot glue it. This gives you a clean edge and helps you make both boots the same height.

And that’s how you make a pair of costume boots!


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  1. This is SO great!!.. It's exactly what I was looking for my toddler's costume, He'll be Jake from "jake and the neverland pirates". But I'm thinking on adding a folding cloth on top of the boot to make it more than pirate perfect! 😉

  2. I googled "how to make simple boot covers" and stumbled upon this tutorial… the funny thing is I need my boot covers for our family costumes as The Incredibles! What were the chances, in the entire internet, that the tutorial I clicked would be for a Syndrome costume!! Love it, thanks so much!!


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