The Best Eyeliner In The History of Ever

I’m not much of a makeup girl. I wear it every day, but I don’t really do anything fancy. On a typical day I wear a bit of foundation, eyeliner and mascara. If I wear blush or eyeshadow, it means I’m going to a party or event. Because I’m not much of a makeup girl, I’ve always been fine with drugstore makeup and I usually buy whatever is on sale.

Until I tried MAC’s Fluid Eyeliner Gel. Friends, this stuff has rocked my world.

My sister-in-law bought it for me for Christmas four years ago and just this week I finally ran out and had to order a new one. And that’s when I knew that it was a product so good that I had to share it with all of you. I was willing to pay whatever it cost to have more.

It is by far the best eyeliner ever invented. Why? Let me count the ways.

1. It is so dark. It really makes my eyes pop.
2. It’s easy to apply. I use a little angled brush I bought at Walmart for around $2. So much better than a pencil that gets dull and scratches your eyelids. Ha!
3. It lasts forever. Yes, the initial price made me wince (it’s about $25 for that one tiny little pot). BUT… I had my first pot for almost four years! So really it’s only $5 a year and that doesn’t seem so bad, right?
4.  It doesn’t smudge off. This is the biggest reason I love it so much. Eyeliner pencils are gone in half an hour. This stuff stays on nearly all day (I do have to touch it up in the evenings if I’m going out).

I’ll keep using the rest of my drugstore makeup, but I will be splurging on MAC eyeliner for the rest of forever. I was worried when my original pot ran out because the nearest store that sells MAC is four hours away, but guess what? You can buy it on Amazon!

If you’ve been looking for new eyeliner, give this one a try. Seriously, it’s the best!!

P.S. This brush is just like the one I use:

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love this eyeliner. However, I did include affiliate links to Amazon, which means that if you decide to try out this eyeliner, I’ll get a few pennies of the sale.


  1. Hi, since I have become older, aargh ok old, I find I am overly sensitive to eyeliner. I have tried lots and end up with runny eyes and makeup. I will give this a try, thanks, best wishes Wendy

  2. Do you think I should go with the brown since my hair is lighter than yours? Also post a picture of the brush you use, if you don't mind. I'm not sure what kind to buy to go with this. Love your mantle, too. I'm going to do some copycatting on ours!


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