The Day A Mouse Ruined My Dreams

Okay, okay, the title may be a little dramatic. But seriously, I have a sad tale to tell.

Christmas is coming quickly and I still have a few gifts to sew. So a few days ago, I went into my craft room to start unpacking so that I could work in there. I was greeted by a wall… A WALL… of stench. Something nasty happened in that craft room and the smell could kill. I tried cleaning the carpets, but it didn’t even touch the smell. Sooo….

Today I am ripping out all the built-in shelving. Cry a tear for me, please.

The shelving (like the rest of the redneck projects in the house) was built poorly. It was pretty crooked and not stylish, but I thought I could fix all that. What I can’t fix is all the mouse crap that’s fermenting behind it. It looks like the previous owners built shelving in the unfinished basement and when they decided to finish that room, they didn’t rip the shelving out, they just sheetrocked around it. Mice have invaded between the wood and the ceiling and I’m pretty sure that’s where the incredible stench is coming from.

Ew. Ew. Double ew.

I am not crafting in a mouse toilet.

So out go the shelves.

And now we get to add new drywall, frame in a closet, and get new carpeting (because there was no carpet under the shelves). Which is good in the long run… when we go to resell this home, we can list it as a four bedroom, which we can’t right now because that room is missing a closet. But it is kind of the pits because it’s going to take forever before I have a pretty craft room to work in.



  1. I feel for you! We had a pop up camper that some mice nested in & used as their personal toilet. When we opened it to find that stench & filth, I was wishing I wore a hazardous waste suit! Needless to say, we don't camp in that any more! Hopefully as you rip everything out, you don't find a rotting mouse carcass! And hopefully you don't get any more mice!

  2. This is so horrible! I hope you get to put just as much storage back in, and this time you can make it exactly the sizes you want & maybe with some pretty trimming!


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